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Epilepsy Awareness Training

  • Stoneham Lane


Comprehensive awareness and management of epilepsy lead to better care for patients with epilepsy. Healthcare professionals who undertake this training can improve patient outcomes and, in some cases, save lives. Training Benefits - Improved Epilepsy Care: Epilepsy awareness equips professionals to provide more effective care to patients with epilepsy. - Enhanced Patient Safety: With proper awareness, professionals can ensure the safety of patients during seizures. - Seizure Management: Proficiency in managing seizures can minimise risks and discomfort for patients. - Patient Education: Healthcare professionals can educate patients and their families, leading to better self-care and management. - Timely Response to Seizures: Rapid and accurate responses to seizures can prevent complications and save lives.

Contact Details

  • North Stoneham Park, Stoneham Lane, Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK

    +44 7411 124577

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